FRANK BURG – Litigation Consultant, Expert Witness and Author

Over 50 Years of Experience

After being in the safety and health profession for over 50 years and running Accident Prevention Corporation for 30 years I am determined and have dedicated the remaining portion of my work towards litigation consulting and expert testimony. I have developed a specialized expertise and combination of skills which make me a successful evaluator of cases for insurance companies and both plaintiff and defense. My specialized and broad experience with OSHA, ANSI, ASTM and as a corporate safety director makes me an expert in a wide range of technical areas.

Technical Analysis and Scientific Principles

I make every effort to be fully objective and rely upon standards, customs, and practices as well as scientific principles and experiments to determine compliance with the State of the Art in the safety and health profession. I utilize instruments models and demonstrations to analyze and re-create circumstances of accidents and injuries with techniques which include deductive reasoning, statistical analysis, including standard deviations, cause, and effects, “what if” scenarios and develop hypotheses for root causes and proximate causes.

Unique Combination of Talent and Experience

I have been able to combine my years of experience in safety within our society, most industries and construction with my human factors background and communication skills to present an objective analysis which has been beneficial to attorneys, arbitrators, insurance companies and juries. I have been asked on several occasions to evaluate cases for possible settlement or arbitration by different parties. I have been successful in explaining abstract physicals, chemical, and human factors concepts in a manner that makes for easy understanding, utilizing models and experiments to demonstrate complex principles. Having given more than a thousand depositions and testifying at more than a hundred trials I have a keen sense of accomplishment in having an effect on the law and on the culture. I appreciate being able to hold those who have violated standards customs and practices accountable and defend those who have complied and still found themselves in litigation. Involvement with thousands of cases and investigations provides me with the perspective of understanding principles of safety in our society.

Principles and Objectivity

I make every effort to have principles and objectivity in my work including my understanding of the minimum requirements which include the four following concepts:

  1. Specific Work Rules for each job task;
  2. Communication of the Rules to all parties;
  3. Monitoring of the rules to make certain they are followed; and
  4. Enforcing the rules when necessary

I have testified many times that without the above 4 items there is no safety program at all. I believe a strong safety and health program starts from the top of an organization when a culture exists to hold people accountable for the success and or failure of the safety and health program.

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My Book

My view of our culture and how safety and health principles and practices interact with our society and industries is no secret. My book, which can be seen below, attempts to deal with many of the issues I have encountered in my career.

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